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Apr 28, 2020

The midwives define premature rupture of membranes and talk about how this can be managed within the midwifery model of care.  Learn about the risks associated with your water breaking before the onset of labor contractions and how the midwives provide individualized care when this happens.


Apr 21, 2020

Midwives Sarah and Charli talk about cervical exams in labor. They discuss what cervical exams tell you, what they don’t tell you, and how midwives approach the subject of cervical exams.


Apr 14, 2020

Learn all about what it takes to become a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM), the skills they possess, and whether or not this kind of midwife might be the best fit for you. 


Apr 7, 2020

Learn about what cervical ripening is and why it matters at the end of your pregnancy.  Charli and Sarah will give you the tips they tell their clients and you’ll learn about how to best prepare your body for labor.