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Jun 15, 2021

The baby is born, the cord is cut… now what? Sarah and Charli review what’s normal in a baby’s cord stump, what’s not normal, and how to best care for the cord in the first few weeks of life. 


Jun 1, 2021

Sarah and Charli talk all about the newborn screen that is offered to all babies in the first two weeks of life. They review what’s on the screen, how it’s performed, why people opt in, and why people opt out. 


May 11, 2021

Is jaundice always bad? What causes jaundice? How does bilirubin work in the body? In today’s episode, Sarah & Charli talk all about this common situation for newborns and how the midwifery model treats jaundice differently than the standard medical model.


Apr 27, 2021

‘Advanced maternal age’ is the medical term used to describe pregnancies over the age of 35. But why do we care if someone is over 35? Is it a higher-risk pregnancy? What are the different factors that go into a person over 35 having a high risk pregnancy? The midwives break down some of the statistics and talk...

Apr 13, 2021

What’s normal, and what’s not? Can I do anything about stretch marks? What’s that line on my belly? Why do my thighs itch? The midwives talk all about the skin changes of pregnancy and why they happen!