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Nov 24, 2020

It seems like everybody and their mother (get it?) gets gestational diabetes in pregnancy. But what is it? What causes it? Why does it happen to some people, and not to others? And most importantly- what do you do if you get it? The midwives break it all down in today’s episode of the podcast. 


Nov 10, 2020

In today’s episode, the midwives talk all about newborn eye medication, AKA erythromycin, AKA newborn eye prophylaxis. They cover what it’s good for, what it protects against, and how they advise their clients when it comes to decision-making regarding newborn eye medication.


Oct 27, 2020

The midwives interview a beloved former client, Ashley, about her experience within midwifery care.  Hear about Ashley’s journey with her second birth and what it meant to her to be in midwifery care despite not having her birth go according to plan.


Oct 13, 2020

Laboring people have their work cut out for them, but what can others do to help them? Here are the top five things that partners or other support people can do to help their loved one have a vaginal birth at home. A great listen for family members who hope to attend your birth! 


Oct 6, 2020

Midwife Charli interviews Erin Underwood, functional movement specialist, who specializes in supporting prenatal and postnatal people as well as birth workers through movement with strength, sustainability and nervous system down regulation.  Erin shares her tips for preparing the body for birth including pelvic floor...