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Jul 21, 2020

Sarah sits down with Tiffany Decker, owner of Birthing Stone Doula, Seattle Sleep Trainer, and Sleep Training Santa Barbara to talk all about sleep in the postpartum period, newborn sleep, and how to help babies (and parents) get the sleep they need to thrive. 

Tiffany and her team are continuing to help families make individualized plans for rest in the pandemic. She says, "Our innovative and supportive sleep training programs are still available during Covid-19, and accessible anywhere in the world. We're able to bring our round-the-clock, in-the-moment support and professional guidance into your living room thanks to our connected world. Your sleep coach will work alongside you, helping you guide your baby to better sleep via virtually connected monitors, Facetime, text, phone etc. This means instant adjustments tailored to your baby, immediate answers to your questions, and the highest level of support possible without being in your living room.”